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A mandatory inventory must be drawn up with every rental agreement. This inventory must be drawn up during the period that the rented spaces are uninhabited. We act as an independent construction expert. 


A description of the property or a condition statement is an accurate and detailed description of the state in which the property is located. In concrete terms, the description of the location per room contains a description of the condition of the room and a list of the defects.


The preparation of a detailed description of the location is required by law (Civil Code art 1730).

You can draw up the description of the place mutually or have it drawn up. It is advisable to call in an expert.

Together with the owner and the tenant, an appointment is made for a site visit. This property description must be registered together with the rental contract at the registration office. 

At the end of the lease, a new inventory can be drawn up. By comparing the two property descriptions, any damage caused by the tenant can be determined. If there is damage to the property in question, we can draw up a damage file on which the repair costs are clarified.

Location descriptions at the start and end of works

Architects or contractors  often use location descriptions at the start of the works, in order to prevent later disputes with local residents .


Property descriptions for construction or renovation work are drawn up with the adjacent neighbors before the work starts. For example, the owner of the adjacent plot cannot hold you responsible for existing damage to his home. As an independent building expert, we draw up a detailed inventory for you with an accurate description and photos of any existing bark, cracks, damp spots, etc.


After the work has been carried out, a comparison is made with the original condition of the property, after which an estimate of the possible damage can be determined. All this is clearly described in the damage file that we have drawn up.

Purchase of a home

A building inspection is really necessary when purchasing a home. 

Buying a home is probably the most important investment you and your family will ever make. It is better not to leave anything to chance. In our daily practice we have already saved many prospective buyers from a bad purchase that would have had serious financial consequences for them . 


Some homes have serious defects, hidden or not, that are not noticed by a layman. 

We look at the house with completely different eyes than you do and we know where to look en search.
We are independent and objective during the construction inspection. Only your interests matter to us. Your personal wishes and needs regarding housing and budget are central. 

However, many make their first bid for the home. If the owner accepts the offer, a deed of sale is drawn up (compromise) with a suspensive condition.  For example, that if the construction inspection shows more than a certain amount of costs, the sale will be dissolved.

We provide accompanying service to prospective buyers in all your questions, such as...


  • Stability and moisture problems? 

  • Can bearing walls be removed?

  • Urgent and major repair work?

  • Construction errors and versions?

  • Are there structural or hidden defects?

  • Is the house worth its price?

We make a correct analysis for you of the condition and possibilities for renovation.


If you want to buy a property, the seller  is required to provide an EPC certificate. Such a certificate determines how energy efficient your home is. The lower the EPC value, the more energy efficient and the more they can ask for the home.

You can contact us for:


  • Providing assistance with provisional delivery of new construction or renovation.

  • The layout of your property description when renting/rental.

  • Providing assistance with the purchase of an existing home.


In concrete terms, the construction expert will be present at the provisional acceptance, together with you and the contractors to make the necessary determinations and to ensure that all comments are correctly recorded in the official report. -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_of the first delivery.


You will be after the execution of construction work, by the contractor or build key formula invited for the delivery of the works. This is a very important moment, because you will approve the construction works here. it is therefore important to be assisted by a construction expert who will guide you through this delivery.  

Would you like to make an appointment or receive more information?  0472/59.18.98 or send an email toContact.

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