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Home/ Structural inspection


Investing in real estate

Free inspection that protects you as a buyer and seller from a decision that you will later regret.
Non-mandatory but highly recommended inspection upon purchase. 

Let yourself be assisted by a neutral expert with expertise. Or are you going to work for 25 years to pay for a bad purchase?

It is up to you to assess whether the property in question meets your expectations and fits within your budget.


Let our construction expert assist you.

A fairly recent trend is that of "Home Staging" where everything is done to make a home to be sold look as good as possible. It is the opposite of a building inspection.


There are few people who have enough experience and knowledge to do a building inspection before making an expensive investment such as the purchase of a home. A fresh coat of paint and wallpaper can cover up a lot of problems. Unless you know where to look, you probably won't see the problem. That is why a professional building inspection is just as important and valuable for anyone buying a home.

You should pay attention to this when you go to view a home.



  • Orientation, sufficient daylight.

  • Sufficient shelter from viewing distances to shops, schools,…

  • noise nuisance.

  • Air pollution.

  • Additional costs for connection to public facilities.

  • Neighborhood where you will feel at home.

  • What is the urban designation of land in the immediate vicinity?

  • Soil pollution.

Be sure to talk to the nearest neighbours. They know the neighborhood like no other and can point out the negatives of the area and your future home.


Were the services provided by a professional or by a do-it-yourselfer?

Not all do-it-yourselfers  necessarily understand all the intricacies of an electrical installation or the importance of a load-bearing wall, etc... to bring an expert with you during your visit to the property in question. It can also be useful to find out the names of the companies that realized the facilities in the house when you decide to buy the house.


  • Why are the owners selling their house?

  • How long have the current owners lived in the house and what work have they done there?

  • Were the services provided by a professional or a do-it-yourselfer? 

  • How long has the house been for sale?

  • What are the monthly costs of the house?

  • What are the defects of the house?

  • What is the price of comparable homes in the area?

  • How many homes are for sale in the area?

  • What are the neighborhood's "hidden flaws"?

  • How is the neighborhood connected to other places by public transport?


Request the inspection before you make an offer as a buyer or before you put your home up for sale as a seller. The inspection has no validity period, each inspection is a snapshot.


Every home, even new construction, has strengths and weaknesses.
Every house and every apartment has specific possibilities and limitations, assets and defects.

You cannot see everything yourself. Because you are (emotionally) too closely involved in the purchase, because you are glad that you have (finally) found the desired property, or because you have insufficient knowledge of the subject matter. Our expert visits the property you wish to buy together with you. This way you discover serious shortages in time - before purchase or delivery - and you save yourself a lot of headaches!


  • Check based on architect's plans (if there are plans)

  • Full inspection of walls, floors and roofs for visual defects.

  • Checking the attic and basement (if any)

  • Advice on renovation options and stability of the home.

Construction expert

Professional architectural advice from a building expert is much cheaper than you think.

Do not take unnecessary risks when making an important decision, but let our expertise assist you in word and deed.

The money for a building inspection is more than well spent. A bad buy will cost you much more.

My clients testify

We are very satisfied with the expertise of Noël, who helped us with the purchase of an older home.


We only had a very short period of time to have the expertise done, but thanks to Noël's flexibility we fortunately got a good picture. It was interesting to see that Noël was looking for the story of the house during the inspection, he took the time to properly analyze and take measurements, supplemented by his professional questions and experience, he was able to get a good picture of the house. .


After the inspection, Noël also prepared a nice, well-arranged report with his comments and advice, which is very useful in making decisions and setting the right priorities.

We fully agree with Eef "highly recommended", thanks to the professional and thorough analysis and, above all, not to forget the many useful advice, we were able to make our final decision with confidence. Thanks again Noël for your support!


Jeroen Waverin

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