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Construction or renovation problems and contractors

What if you have problems with your contractor carrying out construction or renovation work in your home?


Poorly executed works...en mala fide/fraudulent practice.

As soon as you notice problems, it is best to report them precisely in writing to the contractor. Save all your correspondence! Make as much as possibly photos during the construction works, from shell to finish, and this of all works during the executions, because I can also notice a lot of mistakes!

  1.  If the contractor does not wish to remedy the defects, you can consider withholding payment of the invoices, tot work wordt.

  2.  Send a registered notice of default.

  3. Pay only what has been done, and certainly not too many advances, contractors who are not bound by the Breyne law ask often payments in advance,_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_don't go into that..., make sure you have enough reserves left in the end, to the contractors under be able to_cc781905-5cde-3184-bb56-bad_bad to make!


If no voluntary solution is forthcoming, it is best to first hire a construction expert  - or call us 0472/59.18.98

'Rules of art'

The contractor is obliged to work according to the agreements in the contract, the available plans, the specifications and according to the rules of the art. The latter concept means that he carries out the works as another careful contractor would carry out these works in the same circumstances.

You will also find some of these rules in technical recommendations, professional literature and documents from scientific research centers such as the Scientific and Technical Center of the Construction Industry (WTCB).

Information and advice obligation

The contractor also has an information obligation towards the client and the architect. For example, if there are gaps in the plans or if the architect makes a mistake, it is the contractor's job to notice. If he does not do this, he runs the risk of being held jointly responsible.

Approve materials

The approval of materials delivered to the site is the responsibility of the contractor.


It is possible to have mistakes made by a contractor repaired by someone else. As a client, the following rules must be observed so that it remains possible for the Court to assess the defects invoked, even after any repairs:

  1. The contractor must be sent a registered letter with a sufficiently detailed description of the defects found. This letter should be sent at the latest within a week after receipt of the invoice.

  2. If the contractor does not respond, it is best to ask a construction expert  to draw up a detailed overview documented with photos of the defects / errors present.

  3. If the contractor does respond, it is best to visit the site where a report is drawn up in joint consultation with the following statements:

    • a timetable for the repair, possibly with a penalty for late execution if the contractor wants to carry out the repairs

    • a written price reduction or agreement from the contractor to pay the repair costs if he does not wish to carry them out himself. The report of this site visit with the above statements must be signed by the contractor and the client.

    • a detailed list of the identified defects, if necessary. with pictures

My clients testify




We called on Noël for our total renovation, unfortunately we did this too late, so the damage had already been done. However, Noël has pulled out all the stops to document all incorrect performances. Noël has a very 'to the point' approach and an enormous amount of technical knowledge.

He knows how to ask the right questions to the right parties, as a result of which many matters have come to light in a relatively short period of time. We as laymen were also informed about certain standards / working methods in construction.

We would therefore certainly like to recommend Noël if you need guidance with the purchase / renovation / ... of your property.

Steven Geerts & Nicky Driesen


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