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Education and qualifications


Experienced Structural Engineer

VGN Expert bvba is a vastgoedexpert. The company was co-founded by Noël Van Goethem in 2017. I am active throughout Flanders, for all architectural expertise, both in the private and professional market.

You can deduce from our range of services that we  are innovative and very exceptional on the Belgian market.

The big difference that makes VGN Expert so exclusive with other experts is that construction expert Noël Van Goethem with his construction companies founded in 1982, built many houses etc..., he weet_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_dan ook waar hij moeten kijken en waarover hij spreekt!

As a young architecture student, I was so passionate about the construction industry that I founded my own construction company and learned all the techniques myself according to the rule of the art, until 2013. I always strived for perfection to deliver 100% quality "even though I achieved I only 95%" even then I was not satisfied and wanted to do even better.


To further expand my experience, I started as a self-employed project manager at renowned construction companies. Here, too, I experienced how things went within a structured construction company of class 7 and 8 and its many project leaders and projects.

During my career in the construction industry, I realized very diverse experiences in construction projects, including:

  • Housing construction

  • Exclusive villa construction

  • Apartment building

  • Housing renovation

  • Renovation of apartment building

  • Industrial construction

  • Renovation of industrial buildings

At renowned construction companies I gained my experience on the following projects:

  • Public procurement - school buildings

  • Residential allotments

  • Apartment building

  • Industrial construction



  • years of experience in cooperation with contractors, architects, building promoters, builders

  • knowledge and experience to quickly arrive at an analysis or proposal for a solution

  • Judicial Expertise

Do you have a construction question or construction defects? call me on 0472/59.18.98.


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