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ir. Noël Van Goethem
Business manager 
Joni Pauls
Employee - Architecture

If it's on construction expertandwe as persons are very experienced (see also my professional experiences). We are independent construction experts and always provide the right solution for all our customers. Thanks to our very extensive knowledge of construction events, we as professionals can assist our clients with everything that has to do with real estate. We remain involved and present during all stages of the construction process. We will guide you through every step of the process.


Our customers come from Limburg/Flemish Brabant/Brussels/Antwerp/East as well as from West Flanders.


Our specialization is mainly construction errors / expertise damage / assistance with provisional deliveries etc...

"This site is designedand created by Noël Van Goethem with the aim of also those who can no longer afford extra costsafford to call in a construction reach and you will find a lot of information that can certainly help you on your way, what your rights are and what you should know for sure, etc...we regularly post important information for you at...also a lot of information fromadv. Jan Roodhooftcan you find hereback" 


Both parties have their rights  their duties too...keep that in mind!

To ask? mail to:                                     or call 0472 59 18 98
The "Breyne Law"

notice that many construction companies and building promoters do not take the Breyne Act very closely or do not even follow it or have too little knowledge of it. However, the Breyne Act is very clear and all crimes/offences that are committed can be punished.
Some examples
  • In a sales agreement one very often mentions a penalty for delay between 20/30€ per calendar day, which clearly in most cases does not correspond to a rental value per month of a house or apartment...even if it is signed by bothparties...this will be according to the "Breyne Act".considered unwritten, and there are clear sanctions in return.​
      At our insistence...follow now at all construction promoters and construction companies from which we deliver
     done and those who didn't follow this...this provision de Wet Breyne Art.10 en
  • See table in "Law Breyne" in parts above...
The provisions of the law are mandatory (one cannot deviate from them).
If you read all that then I understand that you are shocked by this and ask the question ... what should we do now?
I leave it to everyone to make their own final decision…and what you do with it…the idea is to find a balance that both sides can agree with…because the most important thing is that you ... your home after signing it ... the transfer can take place with very good and clear agreements made in advance!
Facing each other with knives drawn and blowing bridges is never a good thing…and going to court is only both losers…but all the information I am giving here is for you to know you have more rights than you think well as your duties...and this from both sides.

​By making good agreements in advance you avoid mostproblems afterwards.

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