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Assistance with provisional delivery

Assisted by a construction expert, you prevent serious problems afterwards!

VGN Expert will be present at the provisional delivery, together with you....

After the construction work has been carried out, you will be invited for the delivery of the works. This is a very important moment, because   you will approve the construction here! It is therefore important to be assisted by VGN Expert who will guide you through the delivery. 

Provisional delivery.

The provisional acceptance is a very important moment in the construction process, it comes down to the inspection and acceptance of the works. Upon approval of the provisional delivery, the keys are handed over and the transfer of ownership is effected to the client.

During the provisional delivery, you view the entire house together with the VGN Expert and contractor(s) and the architect and technical imperfections and shortcomings are noted. Of course, this requires the necessary technical knowledge, but for that you can rely on a construction expert. After all, assistance with the delivery is part of his statutory audit obligation. 

If you sign a report of provisional acceptance, this means that you agree to the acceptance of all visible construction defects. In other words, errors that are visible are irrevocably accepted, if the provisional acceptance report is signed without reservation or comments.

After delivery, you can no longer demand repair of visible defects for which you have not made any reservations in the delivery report.

Accepting the delivery means that the contractor has completed his work. You can then no longer claim compensation for delays for the period after delivery. The contractor may also make his final invoice. You may withhold part of the payment if the contractor still needs to fix something, but the amount you withhold must be in proportion to the value of the work still to be carried out.

  • Execution review

  • Check with current standards

  • Mediation in case of discussion

  • Review of delivery report before signing

  • both provisional and final delivery


My clients testify

I am very satisfied with the assistance I received

from Noël during the preliminary

delivery of my apartment.

His experience and extensive expertise were

a great comfort to me.

Highly recommended.  



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